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Intellectual Property—Trademarks (or Service Marks) and Copyrights

Trademarks and service marks constitute protectable intellectual property and are often vital to the success of a company. Think of the bubbly caramel-colored beverage without the “Coke” name and associated design or an anonymous PDA/cell phone manufacturer without the apple icon. We can help you protect your trademark or service mark by filing an application for registration on your mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Additionally, we can help you protect your writings, art, displays or other original copyrightable material and negotiate the sometimes complicated world of copyright licensing.

Here are some descriptions and a few representative matters in which we have helped our clients with their intellectual property:

Trademark Application: We assisted our client, an employee training and education company, in filing for several federal trademarks for its name, logo, and key tools, ultimately obtaining registrations for all of them.

Copyright Licensing: We helped an entrepreneur start up her company, and we negotiated with her former employer for the right to license a copyrighted and trademarked business consulting process, which has become the foundation of her business plan. We have also helped license the same intellectual property to subcontractors and collaborators. Recently, we have assisted our client in obtaining a revised and expanded version of the license.

If you have questions about our intellectual property legal services, please contact Dan at dan (at) nealandwright (dot) com.