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Unsealing Adoption Records

The firm also handles petitions for unsealing adoption records. Our attorneys are firmly committed to assisting adopted persons with asserting their basic human right to access personal medical, social, genetic, and psychological background information.  In addition, we understand that families may need access to information contained in adoption records following finalization of the adoption. Perhaps the original adoption records were lost, stolen, or destroyed. Perhaps an adult adopted as a child needs to determine a biological parent’s identity in order to obtain medical information.  Some people find access to their adoption records necessary to clarify citizenship or obtain a passport.  People seeking such information usually must first go through the Reunion Registry, but, on occasion, are not able to obtain information via that route or are entitled to proceed without searching the Registry and must file a petition with the court requesting the needed information. People who can request records include: people who have been adopted (“adoptees”), biological siblings of adoptees, children of deceased adoptees, biological parents, parents and siblings of deceased biological parents, and adoptive parents. Whatever the situation, Sherry and Jodi can assist with seeking needed information.

If you have questions about unsealing adoption records, please contact Sherry at sherry (at) nealandwright (dot) com.